In a realm of culinary delight,
Where breakfast dawns with golden light,
Let me craft a verse, a humble ode,
To the mighty eggs, their story to unfold.

The Humble Egg

From hen’s embrace, these treasures spring,
Nature’s gift, a protein-packed thing,
Smooth shells guard a world unseen,
Potential bound within, a breakfast dream.

With a gentle crack, a world unfurls,
The yolk, a sun, in a sea of swirls,
A vibrant orb, of sunshine hue,
Richness waiting to be savored by you.

Whisked and beaten, they dance with glee,
Embracing flavors, a symphony,
From tender omelets, folded with care,
To scrambled curds, a fluffy affair.

In a sizzling pan, they find their stage,
Frying, hissing, an enticing rage,
Sunny-side up or over easy,
A morning ritual, simple and breezy.

Eggs Benedict, a royal treat,
Poached perfection, a sauce so sweet,
English muffins, hollandaise divine,
A brunchtime feast, so fine.

In baking’s realm, they lend their might,
To cakes and cookies, a baker’s delight,
A binding force, they bring rise and fluff,
Muffins, soufflés, and pies, oh so tough.

But let us not forget their humble form,
Hard-boiled gems, a snack for the norm,
Peeling away their shell, like layers of time,
Revealing a protein-packed paradigm.

Eggs, versatile and nutritious fare,
A canvas for culinary affair,
From farm to plate, their journey takes flight,
An ode to eggs, a morning’s delight.

Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski

Been there, done that… doing it all over again!

A product of South Africa, vintage 1963. Internaut since 1982. Roaming the world from the age of 23, to date. Jack of all trades, and master of none. Techie, pilot, digital nomad. Travelling ~ living ~ working ~ anywhere.